Do you own a business with a Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) account that you think should be performing better?

Were you sold on “getting loads of enquiries” but find your phone more silent than a library?

Here is a list of simple tips to help your PPC account run more efficiently.

Match types

Do you have broad match keywords throughout your account? Those bad boys will get you so much irrelevant traffic. If you have a modest budget it is better to have more control. Exact match keywords give the most control.

There are 4 different keyword match types in Google Ads: Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match, and Exact Match. these control which searches your ads appear for. Beware, use the wrong match type and you can find your  ‘skip hire’ ads appearing for ‘dustbin liner’ searches!


Location targeting

Where are your ads appearing? Country wide? Worldwide? If you only want business from 20 miles of your location, you don’t want people in Australia clicking your ad. It is amazingly easy for this to happen if your account isn’t set up correctly.


Why do you have a Google Ads account? What do you want from it? It is possible to see so much information about people who call your business or fill in a website form. You can find out what they searched for as well as when and where they were when they searched. You can use this information to make your account spend more efficiently.


Does your Google Ads account have a clear structure with consistent names for the campaigns and ad groups? If this is not the case, then this suggests a lack of organization in your account which could foreshadow other problems.

Negative keywords

Your account has all the right keywords that your potential customers will be searching for but that’s not all the keyword work that needs to be done on the account. How do you stop searches with irrelevant words from leading to clicks on your website? The answer is negative keywords, you can add a massive list of them and apply to your account, so you won’t have to worry about those terms coming up again.

What can you do?

Have a look through your account and see if you can find any of the issues above and get them addressed asap to improve your results.

If you would like more help with your account then we can have a look for you, get in touch for a free PPC audit.