As part of our on-boarding process for new PPC clients we undertake a Free Google Ads Audit of their Google Ads account. This has given us an insight into how other agencies manage accounts.

Something that happens most of the time, is that accounts are not regularly maintained. This is known as “set and forget”. Basically, campaigns would be set up in the account and then that would be all the work carried out on it, aside from the occasional bid change, presumably when urged by the client.

If you suspect that this is happening to your Google Ads account, you should request access to your account if you don’t already have it. Once you’ve done that, you can check the change history on your account to see how often work is being done on it.

The ‘Change History’ page can be found by clicking the link in the bottom left corner.

Here are some key reasons as to why your account should be regularly checked.

Search Terms

15% of Google searches are entirely new, therefore the search terms that lead to clicks on your ads need to be reviewed on a regular basis. Failure to do this could result in a lot of wasted spend. Our experienced PPC managers can see patterns in search queries to be able to add negative keywords in bulk to drastically reduce wasted spend. They are also able to see opportunities for account expansion within the search queries to make your accounts as profitable as possible.

Google Ads

In the last two years, Google Ads has changed several times. The most notable of which is the name change from AdWords. Also, the ads that appear in searches have grown quite larger, expanding from 1 headline to 3 as well as the descriptions getting larger. Additionally, the Google Ads interface was revamped over a year ago, which some users are still struggling to get used to. Finally, keyword matching has been changed so that “close variant” search terms will match with keywords. It is important for accounts to be constantly looked at to see how any changes will affect the performance.

If you feel your account is not being checked as regularly as it should be, we can do a free audit of your account.