Epic PPC Fails For Uncommon

Today I did a search for a weight loss drink, I have put a little weight on whilst the world cup has been on so decided its time to do something about it. Eventually I found a really great diet product called Boom Bod and thought I would give that a go. So I did what every normal person would do and googled Boom Bod. 


And guess what I found ? A PPC/Adwords advert for a company called www.uncommon.co.uk. And what do www.uncommon.co.uk do ? They offer work space. Nothing whatsoever to do with diet products!

This got me thinking, if I had a pound for every time I saw an advert that failed to match the search I have just searched I would be a millionaire ( I do more or less spend my entire days online doing searches, I know it sounds boring)

What if I started documenting this ? I could have a bit of harmless fun. I could call it Epic PPC Fails.

So basically Uncommon.co.uk are running Adwords on terms that are relevant to a diet product. The return on investment must be pretty poor, unless of course somebody at www.uncommon.co.uk is actually selling diet products out the back door. 

I decided to try and speak to somebody at uncommon.co.uk and eventually I spoke to a lady at lady named Gosia. I thad about 30 seconds on the phone with her, she could not wait to get me off the phone. 

She told me that she will be telling her agency to amend the advert! I asked her if she thought it could be possible that they were wasting money on other irrelevant terms. She said thanks I am not interested and slammed the phone down.

Why have a dog and bark yourself eh!

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